Your paper and presentation may refer to your entire dissertation or to one part of it, for example one article. The paper should not be longer than 3000 words.

The participants are asked to submit their full papers by 1st of August 2018 via email to: jouni.t.helin (at)

Please remember that this year’s summer school focuses on theories and theoretical concepts in the higher education research process and your paper is expected to reflect that focus. You may focus on any or all of the following themes through which theories and theoretical concepts can be approached:

  • Relationships between theories and data in higher education (HE) research
  • Theories/concepts and methodological choices
  • Process of choice of relevant theories and theoretical concepts in HE research
  • Development of theories through empirical research

Additionally, the paper can address your theoretical framework, empirical data and methodology used, as well as your main/provisional results. Each student will have approximately 15 min for presenting own work. Please remember to reflect on the theoretical concepts of your research also in your presentation. Afterwards there will be about 20 minutes for comments, questions and discussion. The comments section will be structured as follows. First the assigned student commentator will give the comments on the paper. This is followed by comments from the other participants of the summer school. Finally, two assigned senior commentators will comment on the paper.

Please note therefore, that in addition to presenting your own work, you will be expected to comment on another student paper. You will be expected to send the comments to the author of the paper in question in written format after the summer school. We also strongly encourage you to read other papers than the one you assigned to comment.

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