Early-career higher education researchers

Finnish-based early-career higher education researchers are an interdisciplinary group of master’s students, doctoral researchers, and postdoctoral researchers who are studying Finnish higher education. Most of us are also based at a Finnish university, but that is not required. This informal subgroup of CHERIF was established in spring 2021 and has around 40 members.

Our planned activities include:

  • Informal, monthly morning coffee breaks, during which we discuss research-related issues
  • Reading groups
  • Webinars and mini-symposia meant specifically for early-career researchers
  • Any other activities that support early-career researchers in doing research and planning their future careers, whether in academia or elsewhere

If you would like to join the group or have any questions regarding the group or its activities, please contact Melina Aarnikoivu (melina.aarnikoivu @ gmail.com).

The first official event of the network, ’Careers in Higher Education (Research)’ Seminar will be organised in Tampere/online on 17 June 2022. Click the name of the seminar to read more and register!

The original invitation to join the group:

We would like to invite all doctoral researchers (independent of their funding status) and postdocs (or others who identify themselves as “early-career”) who are studying Finnish higher education to join a conversation about the art and craft of doing higher education research in the Finnish context. Recently, we have felt that there is a need for such discussion and support, as higher education research is scattered around different Finnish universities, and we don’t really know each other that well. Who are studying similar topics? How to navigate Finnish academia – or the world outside of academia as a PhD holder? What does it even mean to be an early-career higher education researcher these days?